Submitting Orders for Production

Click on PLACE ORDER above and create an account. Once you log in with your log in information click the process that best suites your job and fill in the job details and attach your files and submit. You can monitor the progress of your job by logging in to your account. You will get periodic updates on your job via email as well.

Method of Payment

We accept all major credit cards. Credit Card are required to be submitted with the order but the processing is done off line. All orders require payment before shipping. With credit approval we can also accept a company Purchase Order and send an invoice.

Shipment Method

We use FedEx as our primary carriers. Please specify the type of service you need, i.e Fedex Overnight, 2 Day ground etc.

File Requirements

File Formats Accepted

(Please out line fonts when ever possible)

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Quark Xpress






Higher the resolution of bit map images the higher the quality.