Digitally printed wall murals and wallpapers can give your rooms a unique look. We offer several types of wall paper/murals. Select from various types of materials to make your murals suite your requirements.

Self Adhesive Smooth Wallpaper

This is a smooth vinyl material with adhesive already applied to the back. This is like a giant sticker and all you have to do is peel the backing and apply it to the wall.
Cost $7/sq foot 50“ wide

Self Adhesive Textured Wallpaper

This is a fabric with removable adhesive on the back and can be installed easily. The textures fabric surface gives you a look that if more like a traditional wallpaper.
Cost $7.50/sq ft 50” wide

Textured Wall Paper

This wallpaper is textured wallpaper that is available in 4 finishes. This wallpaper will give you the professional look and elegant finish. This wallpaper requires adhesive to be applied to the back for installation. Some of these are also available with fire ratings for use in commercial sites. These wallpapers are Class A fire rated and meet EPA requirements for low VOC emitting products.

Canvas $8/sq foot 48” wide

The Canvas looks like a finely woven art canvas. It is ideal for reproducing artwork and photographs. It is a great choice for murals found in museums, restaurants, and hotels.

Fresco $8/sq foot 48” wide

Fresco has a subtle, plaster-like texture that would be a good choice for restaurant décor or printing historical images. Images printed on this wallpaper can appear as if they have been painted directly on the wall. Commonly used in museums and restaurants.

Pebble $8/sq foot $8/sq foot 48” wide

The Pebble is the strongest of the finishes. It is ideal for murals in environments that require softer images.

Velvet $8/sq foot $8/sq foot 48” wide

The Velvet features a smooth, softly textured surface for reproducing high-resolution images. It is the most versatile of all the textures. Commonly used for murals found in corporate environments, healthcare facilities, entertainment venues, and retail.