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More Equipment

Mitsubishi 51" 6 Color Offset Press
Process: Offset with Direct to Plate
Max Size: 36x51
Max paper Thickness: 24pt
Ink: 6 colors + Coating

Heidelberg 40" CD
Process: Offset with Direct to Plate
Max Size: 28x40
Max paper Thickness: 32 pt
Ink: 5 color + coating
Process: Direct Imaged Photographic
Max Size: 50" wide x 100'
Media: Photo Paper, Duratrans,
Duraclear, Metalic Photographic paper
FlatBed Diecutter
Max Size: 36x51
Media: Paper, Foamcore, Gator, Plastic
GBC Monter/Laminator
Max Size: 72" wide

Wet Mounter
Max Size: 40" wide

Durst Pictor
UV cured HighDef Imager will print on
just about anything

Fabric Imager
We employee a variety of devices to print on fabrics. All our fabric machines are "green" and do not use any chemicals.

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